About Us

Metal. Long recognized for its strength, beauty and versatility. Its weight and feel; the way it captures the light; its myriad uses and appearances.

At Paloma Pewter, we pay homage to the tradition of handcrafted metal. Each pure pewter tile, inlay and accent is made-to-order at our foundry in Eagle, Idaho, using time-honored metal-casting techniques. Our lead-free pewter is of the highest quality, creating a distinction you can see and feel. Inspired by natural designs and classical motifs, our tiles hearken back to an era of old-world elegance.

We've worked hard to gain our clients' trust. Our pieces now grace Beverly Hills estates, high-rise condos, casinos, and five-star restaurants and resorts. Invite Paloma Pewter into your home, and you'll experience firsthand our unrivaled quality and impeccable service.

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Wendy Dreaney

Linn DeNesti
design, layout

Jim Lee
animation, development

Tami Meader